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CD Audio Learning - Talking Retirement, presented by Angela Rippon

Talking Retirement CD audio pacakge


4 Audio CDs
(Total running time: 4 hours 5 mins)

Includes Summary Booklet

A self-teaching package on retirement planning presented by TV and radio broadcaster Angela Rippon

This popular 4 CD audio package has been designed to provide an insight into the wide range of topics involved with ensuring a positive retirement. Our objective is that by listening to the structured interviews with a number of experts, you will gain considerable help towards your own retirement planning.

In addition to the CDs, the package includes a comprehensive book to support the content. ‘Talking Retirement’ summarises the key points made by each speaker over some 80 pages.

12 speakers from all parts of the UK have been drawn together to explain good practice in their areas of specialism, so far as those approaching retirement are concerned.

Expert Speakers including:

  • JONAH BARRINGTON – Six times British Open Squash Champion
  • FIONA HUNTER – Nutritionist, Good Housekeeping Institute
  • DAVID HURRION – Cable TV & Radio Broadcaster on Gardening
  • MAURICE OLDFIELD – Pensions Consultant & Past Chairman NAPF
  • DR. MARY DAVIES – Former CEO Pre-Retirement Association
  • DIANA WRIGHT – Former Financial Journalist for Sunday Times
  • PAUL LEWIS – Radio 4 and TV Broadcaster, Author on Financial Issues
  • DR. VERNON COLEMAN – Author and Broadcaster on Health Matters
  • JENNIFER GRIFFITHS MBE – Radio Broadcaster on State Benefits

Shown below is a synopsis of the topics explored on each CD. The CDs generally have a theme. CD1 encompasses Adjustment and Opportunities; CD2 Practical Home and Family Issues; CD3 Health and Exercise and CD4 Pensions and Financial Planning.

CD One – Coming to Terms with Retirement CD Two – Putting your ‘House’ in Order
  1. Background to ‘Talking Retirement’
  2. Adjusting to Retirement
  3. Personal Relationships, Challenges & Goals
  4. Single in Retirement
  5. Opportunities for Learning
  6. Gardening in Retirement
  7. Travel & Holidays
  8. Voluntary Work
  9. Paid Work in Retirement
  10. Summary on Filling Time

Total minutes = 52 mins approx.

  1. Where to Live
  2. Types of Property
  3. Moving Abroad
  4. Mortgage Options
  5. Raising Money on Your Home
  6. Home Safety
  7. Security Tips
  8. Residential Care – Ground Rules
  9. Will Selling the House Save the Assets?
  10. Intestacy Rules & Importance of Wills
  11. Guardianship & Power of Attorney

Total minutes = 65 mins approx.

CD Three – Health in Retirement CD Four – Money & Pension Issues
  1. What is Good Health?
  2. The Benefits of Exercise
  3. Health Check – Pros and Cons
  4. Reducing Cancer Risks
  5. Stress, Sex & Health Summary
  6. Importance of a Good Diet
  7. Less Fat, Sugar & Salt
  8. When to Eat, Vitamins & Alcohol
  9. Starting Exercise at Retirement
  10. Is There a Best Exercise

Total minutes = 53 mins approx.

  1. The Importance of a Budget
  2. General Financial Planning
  3. Financial Advisers
  4. Taxation & Financial Summary
  5. How to Qualify for State Pension
  6. Graduated SERPS & S2P Pensions
  7. Deferring State Pensions
  8. Remaining State Pension Issues
  9. Unemployment & Ill Health Benefits
  10. Other State Benefits
  11. Pension Principles/Final Salary Schemes
  12. Types of Company & Personal Pensions
  13. Buying An Annuity & Lump Sums
  14. Final Summary of Talking Retirement

Total minutes = 71 mins approx.

Angela Rippon, who presents Talking RetirementUpdating

The content is continuously reviewed and where appropriate new recordings are undertaken as soon as circumstances allow. This is usually at least annually, to ensure it is current at the time of despatch.


Packs can be despatched directly to employees by ourselves with letter inserts from employers inserted with the mailings.

Online version

We have a version of Talking Retirement accessible from the Internet.  It is available by means of an annual licence fee.  It provides unlimited use for all employees regardless of age by means of an access code and password.  It is extremely cost effective for employers.


The list price of the package is £39.95 (excluding VAT).

There is the following quantity discount structure shown. Please add the p&p charge plus VAT to your payment.

Please allow 3-5 working days for delivery.

Cost per packagePostage cost
1-9 Packs £39.95 Each 1 Pack £4.25
10-49 Packs £34.95 Each 2 Packs £5.75
50-99 Packs £29.95 Each 3-5 Packs £9.50
100-249 Packs £24.95 Each 5-9 Packs £11.20
250+ Packs Price negotiable 10 upwards £13.50

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