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Life Planning Basics Seminars

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One day life planning seminar
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How Can Life Planning be Justified?

In the 35 years or so that we’ve been providing retirement planning programmes, the most general comment from attendees has been “we wish we’d had this information years earlier”.

From those comments, we developed our mid-life seminars which were aimed at those in their fifties. These proved very popular, but again those that attended repeated the view that much younger people would benefit from this too. This has resulted in a need to create a more accurate title for the seminars as we are now enjoying attendees in their 20’s and above.

The pressures on hardworking employees to balance work and home life priorities are enormous! As a result, important tasks such as making a will or appointing guardians for children are frequently overlooked or put on the back burner.

Providing employees with the chance to discuss these issues during a working day creates considerable goodwill for the employer. Through a Life Planning Seminar, employers are demonstrating a caring attitude and making a significant contribution to reducing employee stress and improving well being.

Who decides the Agenda?

The agenda is up to the client and the majority age profile of the employees they have in mind. From our point of view, if the client has sufficient employees to separate them into ten year bands, then the content can be better tailored, i.e most with no or young children; most with children at university; most concerned with caring for elderly parents or savings and investments.

What are the Objectives?

The objectives are to outline a range of topics concerning aspects of our life planning that we keep meaning to research but can’t find the time to do so. It is not intended to teach your employees these topics but to create an awareness of risks and rewards that can result because of inaction or actions taken.

Abolition of Default Retirement Age

Now that the majority of employees can simply give their statutory notice period when deciding to retire, there is an increasing need to provide Life Planning guidance generally rather than specific to an age. This will make Life Planning seminars increasingly of value.

All employees approaching the back-end of their working lives are likely to encounter issues that make them anxious or stressed, no matter what their background or circumstances. Our aim is to create awareness and provide guidance and information, along with reassurance concerning action they’ve already taken.



life planning - middle-aged worker

State Benefits:
National Insurance Rules, Qualifying for State Pension, Student Loans, ill-Health Benefits, Tax Credits, Housing Benefits

Legal Aspects:
Who Inherits under ‘Intestacy’? Wills—When, How and at What Cost? Guardianship of Children, Power of Attorney for Single People

Financial Planning:
Banking – High Street? Online? Telephone?, Pension Types & Pros/Cons, Difference Between Savings & Investments, Credit & Store Cards– Their uses and abuses.

Debt Management:
When Does Credit become Debt, Consequences of Not Repaying, Creditors, Bankruptcy Individual Voluntary Arrangements, Insolvency Practitioners.


life planning - Group of young people at gym

Government Issues:
Redundancy – State Support, State Pension Forecasts, Benefits for Carers, Income Support.

Legal Considerations:
A Refresher on the Value of Wills, Power of Attorney for You or Parents

Healthy Lifestyle:
Taking a Look at Issues such as Diet, Exercise, Work/Life Balance, Importance of Health Checks, Stress Management/Relaxation Techniques.

Money Management:
Funding School/University Fees, Childrens Savings, Insurances – Life & Other Types, Mortgages, Investing for the Future, Where are You on Pensions?


life-planning - middle-aged lady working in office

Government Issues:
State Pension, When Can I Claim It?, Pros & Cons of Deferring, Effects of Divorce or Widowhood, Making up lost years of National Insurance, Pension Credit, Age Related State Benefits, Rules for Bus Passes, Rail Cards, Free Prescriptions, etc.

Legal Aspects:
Intestacy, Wills, Guardianship of Grandchildren, Children, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Stress Management/Relaxation Techniques

Rules on Nursing Home/Care:
Asset levels, Choices, Top Up Payments, Being Nursed at Home, Passing Assets to Children

Financial Planning:
Investing – for Access Income & Growth, Inflation – How it Erodes Savings, Inheritance Tax, Tax Allowances – Age Related, Pension Options – Personal & Company, Should I Take a Pension Lump Sum?, Insurances – Do I Need Them Now?


Our prices are tailored to each customer’s needs, and are based on length and date of course, frequency and content. Please contact us for further details.

Participant Feedback

“Really enjoyed the day – information interesting and informative, and well delivered. More staff should attend.”

” It has definitely helped me with planning for the future. Extremely beneficial!”

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