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Regretably all in house seminars and courses have been suspended until further notice. We are happy to provide any existing or new clients with a special interim licence to use our internet programme ‘Talking Retirement Online’ at a reduced price to ensure no employees are left without some help if retirement is imminent.

Our in-house courses and seminars are retirement planning events for your employees and their partners, which can be run on your premises or at a venue of your choice. They can be run over one or two days and can be tailored to your specific needs and facilities.

Why Provide Retirement Education?

In our view the need to provide retirement planning courses to employees nearing retirement has never been greater than now.

Retirement planning courses were first run by UK employers around 1947. Life expectancy was about seven years beyond state retirement pension age for men and a little longer for women. There wasn’t the need to worry about savings lasting very long or what damage inflation might do to pension income.

Nowadays, employees live 25 years beyond state pension age and increasingly they will have to choose the type of pension they buy with their money purchase pension schemes. Having tax efficient savings and investments will become increasingly more important, as will ensuring that the retirees’ savings get close to equalling inflation. On top of all these financial considerations, the end of the Default Retirement Age means that retiring employees will have to choose when they will cease full-time or part-time paid work. For major employers there will also be the need to embrace auto-enrolment into pension schemes.

When considering retirement advice for staff within the UK, employers have the option of running a retirement course/seminar, or to offer one-to-one retirement counselling. Alternatively, employers could simply issue retiring staff with a self-teaching retirement pack or a book on the subject. Worst of all, they could give no support whatsoever. We believe that employees are aware of the support available and are placing an increasing value on an employer who provides a retirement planning opportunity.

Nowadays the majority of people look forward to retirement. They see it as a well-deserved ‘rest’ and the chance to please themselves – doing things at their own pace. However, it is not an overwhelming majority, and a large number of impending retirees are either dreading it or are apprehensive regarding one or a number of aspects. Questions on what help they can expect; whether they will manage financially; and what they will do with all the extra time, are the most frequently asked.

Through the end of the Default Retirement Age, 2012 will be the first full year where the majority of employees alone will decide their retirement date. This will raise a whole new range of issues for both individuals and those in partnerships. Sons and daughters may find that ‘mum’ won’t be available to collect their children from school when they thought she would. Remaining employees may have to wait several years longer to get the next step up the ladder. Young people may find fewer jobs become available as older workers delay retiring to grow their money purchase pensions.

In our considerable experience the majority, whether in executive administrative roles or from a factory, office or a shop, do not give anything like the required attention to planning their post-work years and as a result largely waste the first eighteen to twenty four months of their retirement – their ‘youngest’ period.

A Structured Checklist

For a modest cost, employers can reward the valuable service their employees have given by offering them the opportunity to go through a well-structured and researched ‘check-list’ of things they ought to have considered. We say ‘check-list’ because we would not insult participants by proposing or offering a teaching or back-to-school approach to such a learned group who have seen and experienced so much during their long lives. We merely aim to ensure they exploit retirement’s rich potential.

Retirement Education Services Ltd offer a unique cross-section of services which no other commercial provider comes close to matching. The following paragraphs explain why:

Select Your Providers Carefully!

Regrettably, many commercial companies providing training seminars and courses have not entered this field of training because they believe in them. They have something to promote – usually insurance, savings or investment plans. We have no financial tie-up whatsoever, and use independent speakers that we consider good presenters and who hold comprehensive knowledge on all their topics.

Our course leaders have industrial and/or commercial backgrounds coupled with many years experience in training and educating adults.

Customer Care – Before and After

We are interested in your employees before, during and after they attend. We offer a free helpline to all clients’ employees once they have attended one of our programmes. If a query arises concerning retirement as a result of their retirement preparation, we want them to feel comfortable in contacting us for guidance.

At the end of the course we issue to each delegate (or couple) a course pack in an attractive wallet. It contains a copy of our book ‘Retirement – A Positive Approach’ as well as a very comprehensive collection of booklets and leaflets relevant to aspects of retirement.

What about staff who have declined to attend a course?

On average 15 to 20% of employees decline their employers’ invitation to attend a course.

These employees often need the help most and yet are not catered for. It could be that they would find the course too fast for them especially if English is not their first language. At Retirement Education Services we offer clients two or three suggestions as to how these people may be given help from the issue of booklets to one to one counselling.

Our Background and Experience

A Retirement Planning Course in progressBecause they have a financial or insurance service rather than a training background, many providers in the market place fail to tailor courses to the needs of the participants. Many offer a parade of disjointed speakers who frequently repeat or worse, contradict the earlier words of the course leader or the previous speaker. Often the financial content is far too complicated and full of jargon.

At Retirement Education Services, we are constantly revising our material because we are determined to lead the field, rather than following the pack. As a result of liaison with educationalists in the retirement planning world – inside and beyond the UK – we are able to keep our clients informed as to developments in technique, style and content to the benefit of their employees.

To give an example, our Managing Director Tony Wheeler himself won a scholarship in 1985 to compare the situation on retirement planning training and education in the United Kingdom with that of Sweden and Germany. He developed the only totally audio based self teaching pack. This was aimed at employees with impaired vision or for whom English wasn’t their first language. During 1995 RES won an EEC grant to produce a similar audio package to German workers. This was successfully completed in 1996.

In 2005 we produced a new CD-based self teaching pack presented by Angela Rippon and in 2009 we embraced the internet by providing an e-learning programme offering an annual licence to include all employees. This online programme has proved enormously successful and by the end of 2012 is likely to be accessible to around 500,000 employees.

The Style Adopted

Our style includes a good deal of participation but in an informal way that avoids intimidation and encourages a contribution from everyone. Don’t take our word for this – we invite you to ask both our clients and individual participants!

Whilst the topics covered are at the discretion of the client a number of session headings are consistently featured in our programmes. Namely:

  • Adjusting to a New Lifestyle
  • Health Issues
  • State Benefits
  • Taxation and Mortgages
  • Investments
  • Wills and Power of Attorney
  • Moving Home or Staying Put – The Issues
  • Making the most of your ‘time’
  • Residential Care Consideration

In addition to the above there are options to include Security; Safety; Starting Your Own Business; Moving Abroad, etc.

Your Next Step

If you have not yet offered lifestyle training to your employees, then there is no better time to start than now. The difficulty of recruiting top quality staff makes it more important than ever for your employment benefit package to include retirement planning training.

Our Retirement Education Services team would be pleased to meet you to discuss your feelings and needs. May we suggest that you refer to our Life Aspects brochure on the website. Once you have perused this we can then get together or alternatively we would invite you to sit in on one of our courses (with the client’s permission) to witness our programmes first hand. We believe this is the best way to judge us. If you have been sceptical regarding whether this type of training has a benefit you will lose this scepticism completely following just one day’s attendance.

Participant Feedback

“Excellent course – very informative and interesting. I have learnt a vast amount of information.”

“Glad I came, wish other employers would do these – very helpful & informative.”

“It was factual and very helpful; I appreciated the humorous way in which you presented the material.”

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