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Retirement - A Positive Approach


£8.95 (plus £3 postage and packing)


Retirement – a Positive Approach

This is a frequently updated 80-page A4 size book covering all aspects of retirement, compiled by Tony Wheeler, MD of Retirement Education Services Ltd.

It’s just £8.95 per copy plus £3 postage & packing in the UK. This book is a pleasure to read and can be used as a course giveaway for companies who run their own seminars. There is a discount structure for quantity purchases.


  1. The background to Retirement, a Positive Approach
  2. Acknowledgements
  3. Adjusting to a New Lifestyle
  4. Retirement Aspirations
  5. Single People in Retirement
  6. Travel and Holidays
  7. Voluntary Work
  8. Adult Education
  9. Gardening in Retirement
  10. Other Activities to Consider
  11. The Pros and Cons of Moving House
  12. Advice on Moving Abroad
  13. Purpose-built Retirement Properties
  14. Some Aspects of Home Security
  15. Home and Garden Safety
  16. Mortgages and Housing Considerations
  17. Should I buy my Rented Property?
  18. Long Term Residential Care
  19. Money Management and Budgeting
  20. Budget Planner (Expenses)
  21. The Importance of Making a Will
  22. Enduring Power of Attorney
  23. Guardianship of Grandchildren
  24. What is Good Health?
  25. Reducing Stress and Anxiety
  26. Healthy Eating
  27. Fitness and Exercise
  1. The State Pension – How you Qualify
  2. Women and State Pension
  3. Pension Forecasts
  4. Earnings Related Pensions
  5. Deferring Your Pension
  6. State Pensions – Going Abroad
  7. Company Pensions
  8. Additional Voluntary Contributions
  9. Personal Pensions
  10. Stakeholder Pensions
  11. Purchasing an Annuity
  12. Pensions Commutation
  13. Widow’s/Widower’s Pension
  14. Where to Go for Advice on Pensions
  15. Other State Benefits
  16. The Importance of Financial Planning
  17. Investing for Income
  18. What to Look For in a Financial Advisor
  19. Tax and Tax Allowances
  20. What does a Financial Advisor cost and do?
  21. Some useful Addresses
  22. Recommended Reading

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